Top 10 MapleStory Private Server Websites List (Complete Guide, How to & Reddit)

MapleStory is a 2D multiplayer & an online role-playing MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing game). It was made by Nexon, and you can even play & make your own MapleStory’s private server. You can find several versions of the game are available for specific countries or regions, and each is published by various companies such as Nexon. You can find them from the list for sites below.

This is a perfect MMORPG game where you can make your own private servers too. There are several versions of this game recently rolled out such as server v83 & server v62, v142,

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There are many servers like maplesaga which you can play on, but here I will expand the list and give you more options. More than 100.

Join over 260 Million Global Players in MapleStory, one of the original MMORPGs, where epic adventure, action-packed gameplay, & good friends await you! Featuring an iconic 2D art style, MapleStory offers the thrill of explosive power, bold anime-style self-expression, and absolute control of your characters’ awesome abilities. Build your perfect custom hero from over 40 distinct classes with thousands of unique cosmetic options, and set off on your journey to face never-ending challenges and enjoy extraordinary rewards.

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There are servers like MapleSEA which you can play on too.


List of Updated Top Websites for MapleStory Private Servers

We will be listing out some of the top MapleStory private servers that exist in the Maple World Universe for our readers to get a better grasp on. Each has its unique offerings for all players but each pays homage to the original MapleStory experience in one way or another.

Maple Royals

From the UK, the MapleRoyals has been created to include all the same specs and in-game features that the classic and old-school MapleStory had! This means that this server is dedicated to creating the perfect nostalgic experience it can muster! However, its main appeal comes from the addition of custom content.

This includes many features such as NX items, hair and faces options. This means that you are not going to miss out on any of the OG gameplay but will get tiny enhancements to improve the performance. The coolest thing is that this server is also motivated to get rid of bugs and provide fixes with new updates and improvements.

This is all thanks to the open, diverse and welcoming community that they have built as a global space. New players are appreciated in this space and one of the best things about this server is the ease with which you can start interacting and engaging with other players!

Unlike other servers, the main goal here is to build a community and make it a worthwhile gaming experience so there is no pay-to-win mode and you will vote to earn NX. In case you do donate, it will not give you any extra advantage but you are allowed to.


From Canada, we have the Castela server. This one is all about team building and playing with other users. It is a customized version of v83 and the content is based on party play which means as players will team up, they also get stronger. This can be done by defeating bosses, grinding, or even Party Quests.

If you’re interested in how this was managed, this Elite Channel has been designed for thrill-seekers who want new experiences but from within the existing Maple World. The gameplay has been enhanced since developers have re-designed mobs and drop tables so players can get a unique new experience.

While this is an ode to the original, players will be interested in this version if they want new content as the gameplay has been re-envisioned especially as a team. In this regard, you won’t just have one task to fulfill but rather work as a whole unit.

This has been pushed forward in a way that every class can get a party skill. This means that different professions and classes such as Paladins and Corsairs will also add to the team’s efforts equally.

However, you might be wondering, well if there is so much that’s been updated, will this server encapsulate the true essence of the classic MapleStory? The answer is yes! This is because the basics of the BBB MapleStory are unaltered. What this ultimately means is that you can choose your path to play within the Maple World.

You may still explore and find new adventures and you control whether this is done as a team or solo. You will level up by fighting bosses and winning quests.


If you want that authentic MapleStory experience but do not want to deal with Ulu and Skelegons for most of the levels, then the LightSoulMS is a good option. This is a creation of Wizet and this has been designed to be an innovative interpretation of the original.

It perfectly pays homage to it while also working as a customized MapleStory private server that has been designed to create this exceptional old-school tribute to MapleStory. However, it is anything but old and outdated!

While the LightSoulMS server has been designed to stay true to the original artwork and designs, it is not simply there to take you back to the original game itself! On the contrary, you will get to engage with quite a bit of personalized content that will make for an exciting experience.

However, you will still be able to walk around Orbis Tower or wait for the boat at Ellinia. There is a forum to interact with your fellow players and you can still make time for grinding at Pigs Beach among many more!

With the LightSoulMS, you can depend on it being more than a flashback as it also adds an array of personalized, innovative content without hampering the nostalgic memories we have of the Maplestory world. You have the option to either fight solo or team up with other players to defeat various monsters.

There is also an opportunity to take part in interactive events and if you’re lucky, you might even get to grab some custom-made items. All-in-all, LightSoulMS seems to offer a little bit of everything for the perfect user experience.

EggyMS v83 

Are you reminiscent of the MapleStory experience that can no longer be emulated anywhere? Then consider the EggyMS v83 server since this will spark up that nostalgia you had locked up! This means you get to travel back in time with amazing features that make this universe what it is.

This includes Item Leveling and this is a phenomenon in the game where All Equips can level up till level 1. In this specific version, you will seek out new quests that will lead to adventures and of course level-ups! Depending on the equipment’s level requirement, you will get stat gains. These are divided into classes.

If you need to collect jewels, you will partake in party quests to get daily rewards. These can be used to get you bonus stats if they are in your inventory. If you want more details, they have a fully detailed website for more.

Teeria Legends V62

With the Teeria Legends v62, you will get the perfect MapleStory nostalgia mixed with a lot of personalized and innovative content! In terms of the classic features, you get to play with working Party Quests, the ability to travel like in the original, and 100% Cash Shop including so much more! One of the most interesting aspects of this server is that they have the ultimate protection from hackers of all kinds thanks to the creation of their custom launcher.

This is unique to this server. When you play and level up, it also means an automatic increase in the anti-KS and EXP rates. However, with this UK-made server, you can expect a lot more custom features.

KritiasGMS V162

With the Kritias CMS v162, you get to relive the MapleStory experience but in a whole new light. This is because you will get to play with all classes and all the content is innovative along with being creative. You will be challenged liked never before but will get to interact with the game with balanced rates.

The custom content includes custom and never-before-seen bosses, class balances, buffed and custom maps, Ayame class, and much more. The other cool thing about this server is that it makes use of two different versions, the GMS, and the V162. So you have the option and the control!

Kastia V179

If you want a taste of what you could experience with the MapleStory World but want it to feel modern and challenging, then the Kastia v179 server might be your best bet! This has been developed in France and is action-packed since it can offer you a challenging experience like none other.

This is achieved by the addition of new features that will intrigue you and competitive progression that will push you further! How does it aim to provide this experience? Well, it might have something to do with the options for Sengoku Pirate class Ayame, exciting new bosses to fight, and the ability to work balanced 5th jobs.

That’s not all, however, as you will also have the opportunity to enhance your items since this server provides a lot of novel content.


The StarMS server is from Canada and while this ode to the classic does stay true to the graphics and production of the OG, it offers users a taste of the innovation they have to offer! So, while you will be able to engage with your all-time favorite game, you will get to switch up the experience with new events both daily and weekly, fight bosses, and collect rare NX items.

If you happen to come across any glitch, error, or issues, then you will be helped out by their dedicated and efficient staff that is committed to enhancing your time spent with their Maplestory server. This means they place quite a lot of importance on the idea of community building!

Aerisms V83

The Aerisms server has been developed in the US and it has been specifically made to tackle the issue of too much innovation in the original MapleStory world. The most popular modern take on this universe is the one by Nexon. So, if you are not impressed by that, then consider the Aerisms v83.

This private server will create that old-school and throwback experience that you are on the lookout for! It is so spot-on, that it will take you back to your glory days as a carefree individual exploring and creating on the MapleStory world. If this sounds like your cup of tea, they invite you to create your account and start right away!


As the name suggests, the ClassicMS is almost a homage to the 2009-era MapleStory back when it was at its peak! So, essentially, you will be engaging with the original and classic v62 MSG format while also benefiting from easily manageable 1x rates. This means that no extra modifications have been made to the game.

You will also get to interact and play with a close-knit community that will help you create meaningful experiences. You can get to engage in almost daily events and while you will get NX for free, you will have to vote for them. The content in this US server has been going strong for quite some time now and it has come true on its promise for server stability.


The Arboren v217 is a server that comes from Brazil but it has been designed for use as a multi-region experience. They pride themselves on fixing the one issue that most gamers have had with Maple Story in the past; the lag! You will get to experience the Maple universe in a whole new light but will be customized for you depending on what your region is.

Other things to look forward to including updates every week and the ability to push beyond known boundaries! This is a new server and it is expected to keep growing and evolving as time passes.

Maple Legends V62

The MapleLegends server is one of the most popular and awaited ones from the MapleWorld universe. This first was launched in August 2014 and a lot of work was put into the promise of a functional MapleStory version that was both catering to user’s sentimental needs and was also fully functional.

The USP of this server has to be its new and original content and features that you simply will not find in other pre-Big Bang servers. Among these, you will get quite a few mini-games that include Match Cards. You will also get to work with Cash Shop interfaces such as pets, storage, gifting, and rings or with Merchant Interfaces that include the likes of Owl of Minerva.

The reason behind their unwavering popularity is due to them staying true to GMS circa 2008! This is in terms of the development of the graphics, the production, and of course how well this has been executed. For those who want to relive that original flavor of the classic, they will be glad to see that quite a few features including NPC text are similar to the GMS.

Ristonia V222

The Ristonia server is clear in it being a spin-off of the original MapleStory world since it is known for its innovative and custom content. This is also regularly updated so that your gaming experience is enhanced. You can find content that has been made to fit your specific needs.

This version has one goal and that is to allow players to engage with the game in a way that remains stable and seamless so that they can create an enjoyable experience for themselves.


If you are tired of MapleStory game servers that do not push the boundaries of the classic, then the AriesMS has been designed just for you! Not only does it provide new content, but it also does so by creating a universe that offers smooth gameplay that is accessible to all experience levels.

As we mentioned before, their one goal is to make sure that they evolve and progress even more with each new update. You might be curious how they achieve this. Well, they place a lot of value on open and clear communication and use aboveboard administration as well.

The content is also customized and will reflect the feedback from the community. You will be able to engage with a modern game design, balanced progression, and the opportunity to work in 5th jobs.

Croosade V157- Progressive/post-big bang

The Croosafe v157 server is a Progressive server under the Post-Big Bang server. It became popular at its v95 but is now progressing quite well. In this server, you won’t have to pay a dime as it doesn’t include pay-to-win mode. The best part is that you don’t need a lot of experience or Mesos to get the content and quests to work.

There are not many servers that offer the same benefits. If you want a game server that doesn’t lag, this one keeps updating its versions at least 4 to 5 times within 3 months.

Since the pay to win aspect is not included in this server, instead of getting NX Cash, you can engage in voting. There is also a non-pay-to-win credit shop included in the gameplay where you can get all customizable features including cosmetic options (face options and hairstyles), fusion anvils, and even dabble in useful objects such as Familiar Booster Packs or a Hyper Teleport Rock.

If you are interested in new and innovative items to collect, then you will appreciate the Custom Monster Park coin shop. This space lets you get cool items including safety and protection scrolls Chaos Scrolls of Goodness and quite a lot more!

Phoenix V52

With the Canadian-developed Pheonix V52, you can expect to be taken back in time to simpler days of the MapleStory experience. This includes a rewind to classic challenges of the original MapleStory that will be like taking a trip down memory lane. However, you are going to get all the perks of an authentic experience without engaging in Pay to Win.

The most interesting element in this entire server is that Phoenix initially was limited to its v1 update but with time, it grew so now no matter what your experience level is, this server has something for you. It draws many parallels with the original GMS with regards to content however, it takes you back in time while also adding new and better content to improve the server.

Maple Euonia V83

If you want to be part of a community where the staff is always helpful and the community is closely knit together, then the Maple Eunoia might just be for you! This is a high-rate Maplestory server and the reason behind this is their perseverance to take on feedback and expand on their server more and more.

This server is based in Canada but has a meaningful community from the world over. It provides cool features including daily GM events, housing, themed and seasonal events, forum events, marriages, many updated cosmetics, quite a few professions, and a very simple rebirth system.

BboKims v83

The BboKims v83 is the name of a server from the United States and this one might be new but it makes use of the classic Gachapon System. This means you will have to collect and seek out these tickets for in-game rewards. When you log in to this server, you will get options for daily Quests and tons of rewards online.

The other cool aspect of this server is that they incorporate high rates but that’s not all as their community is worth being a part of and they offer a laid-back training system. The aesthetics of the game also pay homage to the classic MapleStory.

You will get a lot of options when it comes to rare cash items, variable rates, and widescreen options. Other than that, for any guidance, they have a dedicated staff to provide you with assistance and with rebalanced maps and regular GM events, what more could you want?

SeaMS V83

The SeaMS v83 server is from Singapore and this one has the collective goal of being a server for the community. This server is apart from the rest thanks to the high-quality gaming experience it will provide you with. This coupled with low latency is all thanks to the use of GMS-like gameplays.

The idea with this server is to build a sense of community so it doesn’t consist of a play-to-win format. You are allowed to play with fewer players since it doesn’t have a high requirement and you can use customized PQ. The highlight of this server is that in its gameplay and design, you will get to experience pure MapleStory nostalgia in more ways than one!

Maple Eden

There are 3 versions of the Maple Eden server. These include the v62, v65, and v83 ones. In this new version, there have been a ton of changes that are implemented and the best one is that with the use of user feedback, they are incorporating player’s ideas and suggestions.

Players will engage with a reimagined take on MapleStory and all it has to offer as such as the ability to create gacha tickets. Other than this, you also get points on each new login per day and you own a flea market by default.

The other changes in this server have to do with specific ones in characters and blade design for example. One example is that they have altered the bandit’s cut so that it now appears as a dual-bladed one. In this version, it doesn’t matter what your profession is as you will get an equal advantage.

DenMs v83

The DenMS v83 has been made taking inspiration from EdenMS’s CMS website and is made using the HeavenMS source code. It is a private server that has gained popularity for adding PvP mode onto its repertoire. The interesting thing about this server is that it is MAC and Linux Client compatible and has been designed in the US.

It has quite the interesting rules whereby if you have been an active and a loyal member for a while, it automatically grants you extra abilities and commands. While there are drops and progressing EXP, the rules state that donations are not accepted under any circumstances.

If you wish to gather points from the Cash Shop, you can only do so by fighting and defeating monsters. While the voting will get you more NX, luckily, in this server you won’t have to constantly worry about voting. There is also a Discord server included.

Now moving on to the most important aspect, the DenMs website has new security protocols which means that there are new security features that are also current! The overall layout of the website has also been changed but only slightly. When you want to engage with your community, there are threads you can access out of the game using the User Forum.

Tespia V111

The Tespia v111 has been used as one of the most commonly known testing worlds for many MapleStory game versions. However, this doesn’t mean that the Tespia is the only server that is used. Many versions of the game use other testing worlds as well.

While this Singaporean testing world is popular, this does not mean it is the best for all testing. For example, it can be difficult to test spawning bosses since there is only one channel available.

However, there are a few drawbacks to this server as it has not been well made or developed properly. This can take away from the overall experience so you should keep that in mind.

Veracent V217

The Veracent server is what the Maplestory gaming community is all about! They have created the perfect space where players can interact with the game and leave behind suggestions and feedbacks in the comments. This enables the developers to alter and adjust the game just to the player’s liking!

Their server’s popularity is mainly linked to their dedication to incorporating new and original content with speed. This includes a new party quest, a new Adele class, and even new events! This server will uplift you to establish new skills in this version.


The JoblessMS is quite the wild ride! This is based on a play space where each player is not quite playing the game right. A whole new server with a whole new economy. This is a server that can be best described as experimental which is why it is perfect for risk-takers and those who are interested in something new.

That being said, the JoblessMS server presents quite a few well-known features that make sure you won’t have any troubles as a beginner. Unlike some modern versions, this server does not need cash clothes. Instead, players can get to creating and utilize the common equipment aesthetic.

These can also be displayed. You can change your skin, eye, hair, and more features without any limitation. You can even play as a Gender Neutral individual in this version and luckily you won’t have to deal with pay-to-win features or any unfair stat resets.

Maple Heros

The MapleHeros server has a v83 GMS which is about to be launched however we already know quite a bit about it! This server prides itself on being more than a mere Maplestory server since it is a robust community where you get to interact, play and be part of a meaningful experience.

The coolest part is that you get to interact with objects and maps that originate in different game versions of the original so you will have quite a bit of variety. Another familiar addition is the Special Quest’s which is a donation shop. However, what’s mysterious about this is that it won’t have your ordinary objects but rather, new ones!

A distinction in this game is that it works on a complete rebirth system with the first one happening when you reach level 200. After that, any other rebirth that takes place will get you to level 250! They’ve also teased the launch with the promise of more surprises.

Omegams MS V178

The OmegaMS is an interesting v178 server that can be best described as being quite competitive. They also offer a Closed Beta experience for feedback and a better user experience. The cool thing about this server is that it lets you relive those Maplestory glory days but without any damage cap.

The OmegaMS server also includes buffed maps and has 225 levels total! This server has been created in the United States and includes a special NX formula designed for mobs and other scenarios. As many other servers on this list, they are also available on Discord for a more community-based experience!

Kya Story

If you want to be part of a MapleStory server that will provide you with new and exciting content each time you log on, then the Kya Story one is the best! This Kya Story private server has all the makings of a strong community-oriented server as it has a dedicated team that offers both customization and stability in its gameplay.

You will get to interact with a ton of features both new and classic! These include custom Gacha, Mindless Self Indulgence, a unique RB system, excellent donor rewards, daily rewards for logging in, custom events, and much more! Once you join, you will get to interact with like-minded individuals and feel like you’re a part of a close-knit community!

Arcania v179

With the Arcania V179 server, the main goal is to enhance some of the older issues with the MapleStory experience and fix them with gameplay that is smoother and more streamlined. Along with the nostalgic additions, they also add in their custom progression, so that you get a challenging experience that is still faster than the classic.

Along with this, you also get a fully functional pierce system, quality of life changes, custom equip upgrades, custom skill changes, and a functional VMatrix. This also includes other exceptional features that you interact with once you are playing. The server was launched in March of this year so there is still quite a lot to find out and learn!

Limina KMS v316

If you are tired of non-play-to-win servers that don’t quite live up to your expectations, then you might want to set your sights on the Limina KMS v316 server. This is a high-quality version that has a rebirth system and it pulls you in with new and custom content so you don’t get bored anytime soon.

If you are looking for something out of the box, then this is it! This game is running on the KMS v316 server and within this, you get a whole new boss system along with new classes on its pathfinder. Currently, if you don’t understand the Korean language, you might feel left out of the action. However, they are translating the game for English speakers!

These translations include ETC, equips, and map areas, along with other aspects. They have their Discord server that you can join for regular updates and information regarding the Beta testing process.


Euphoriams v83


The Euphoriams server version v83 is currently under development however, it shows a lot of promise. Its appeal stems from the fact that its creator has been involved in MapleStory Private Server development from an early age back in 2009 and thus he has been at the forefront of all meaningful development and production.

This server is being developed in Malaysia and boasts a very friendly community. Other than this, it offers the chance to engage with custom content which can become rare with so many private servers popping up each day.


The HeavenMS v83 is a private Server that is allowing users to take part in its extensive beta testing. One of the best things it offers is progressive EXP rates that start at 2x. This is a server you can rely on for minimal lagging as its main source has been designed to be stable.

It is making use of the Hamachi format and this server is in its Test Beta stage at the moment. While it is available to the general public, its main launch will be introduced to users in time. They also provide a

Discord server so that players can get new insights and all details.

The best part of this server is that it is an excellent ode to the old-school MapleStory classic game along with introducing Progressive EXP Rates.  You can also engage with Party Quests and it works on a Full Rebirth model.

Maple Art Online


If you want to recreate that MapleStory experience in your mind but feel stuck in a rut with all these other servers, then Maple Art Online might be what you need! This server provides you with a fresh perspective and a unique new take on the art of the GSM box since its graphics are inspired by the renowned anime, Sword Art Online.

The difference with this server is that you get to experience new things altogether! This completely reinvents the MapleStory universe and provides you with the opportunity to explore, learn and create! There are a total of 100 floors that act as levels you have to get up.

Along the way, you will be able to interact with new characters, switch between maps and collect objects that you know and love from the anime. However, the coolest part is that you will attain new skills with the custom classes. This means along with regular skills of the Maple-verse, you get to add new masteries to the belt.

You can create Custom Party Quests and to tie it all together, the server has the Sword Art Online soundtrack in the background. This server from the Netherlands is essentially a virtual reality world you can immerse yourself in.

Afterlands v184


Developed in Germany, the Afterlands server has been created as a private server by the MapleSea organization. You will get the best of both worlds with this version as it offers both new updates and old classics! This means while your gameplay and experience will level up, you can still trade items and engage in other OG activities.

In this server, you will get to work with all classes when you launch the game and this includes their legion, 5th job skills, and link skills. While you can currently log on and play on the server, the community aspect is yet to be launched.

This will add further insight to the overall gameplay of the server and once it is launched, it will enable the creators and admins to produce a user-centric playing experience. Platforms like discord will work as feasible forum and feedback opportunities. They are also currently developing their website so that the community can build and eventually flourish.

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