MapleStory Leveling Guide

Complete Guide Beginner to Expert (All Levels & Training Spots)

This MapleStory training will help you become a pro in no time. Below you can find a detailed MapleStory leveling guide that includes strategies for each level so that you can master the game easily.

Level 1-10

At this level, you will basically be trained according to your class. It is a Class tutorial in which you will learn about your quests. All you have to do is pass your job quests, and you will be ready to play the game. You won’t be able to enter any of the training spots during the initial ten levels.

Level 10-20

From level 10 to 20, the map will be Golem’s Temple. This map is an excellent choice for your training because it will allow you to attack mobs without really worrying about whether you will lose them on the map. After all, the map is compact and doesn’t require too much effort. You will fight Stone Golems and Icey Mixed Golems here.

  • Map: Golem’s Temple: Golem’s Temple 3
  • Mob: Flaming Mixed Golem
  • HP: 350

Level 20-30

When you reach level 20, the map will change into a bigger one. This map will be called North Forest Green Tree Trunk. To find your way to this map, you have to find Ellinia and look for the portal. Once you do that, understand the directions and use the world map to reach this map. You will fight Curse Eye here.

  • Map: North Forest Green Tree Trunk
  • Mob: Curse Eye
  • HP: 650

Level 30-40

At this level, you could go to any map inside the Gold Beach for training as all the mobs give the same amount of EXP at this moment. You will fight the monsters of Violent Clam Slimes at the Golden Beach.

  • Map: Gold Beach: Gold Beach Seaside 2
  • Mob: Violet Clam Slime
  • HP:Scaling from level 30-59

Level 40-55

Between levels 40 and 45, you will come across mobs with higher HP giving much higher EXP. So if you think you can attack them, you should head over to the Gravi Stonegar map, which features Enchanted Forest as well.

From 45 to level 55, you will face deadly creatures, including Wild boars, which will be available in an area of Burnt Land called the Wild Boar Land. If you turn to Hardware Beach, you will be fighting Seashell Octopus Slime.

  • Map: East Pantheon: Enchanted Forest, Burnt Land: Wild Boar Land
  • Mob: Gravi Stonegar, Wild Boar
  • HP: 8,242

Level 55-60

At this point, you will be presented with a teleport button located at the bottom. It takes you to the beginning of the map, where you can just repeat all of it until you get the teleport option again. This Excavation map is a hidden map which is why it is not visible on the World Map. You will fight Skeledog and Mummydog at this level.

  • Map: Excavation Site Military Camp 1
  • Mob: Skeledog, Mummydog
  • HP: 12,600

LEVEL 60-70

It is considered one of the top training spots, and players prefer to stay on this map for five more levels instead of level 70. Similarly, here you will be able to train against Copper Drakes.

  • Map: Swamp: Silent Swamp
  • Mob: Copper Drake
  • HP: 16,000

Level 70-75

You will be able to fight three different kitten mob at Orbis: Stairway to the Sky I, which will be present on five different platforms. At the bottom platform, there will be two cloudspringers, which you can use to jump and reach top platforms to fight mobs associated with that particular platform. The monsters you will face are Cellion, Grupin, and Lioner.

  • Map: Orbis: Stairway to the Sky I
  • Mob: Cellion, Grupin, Lioner
  • HP: 22,000

Level 75-85

Ice Valley is a really thin map where your character will fight against White Fangs. Again, there is a Teleport option available at the bottom, which you use as per your convenience to reach the top platform after clearing the bottom ones. Since this map is the best one for leveling, we recommend that you stay here till level 85.

  • Map: Ice Valley II
  • Mob: White Fang
  • HP: 54,000

Level 85-100

Here you will fight San Rats and Scorpions. Since these 15 levels will train you perfectly for the upcoming challenges, you will stay here for quite a long time. The map structure is also very adjustable, so you will have no trouble farming here, especially if AoE skill is one of your best traits.

  • Map: Sunset Road: Sahel 2 and Zakum’s Altar
  • Mob: Sand Rat and Normal Zakum
  • HP: 86,000 and 700,000

Level 100-115

From defeating Normal Zakum, you can level up to 104 or 105 depending on if you used the rune and took out the arms quick enough. Once Normal Zakum is defeated, you will be headed to Blood Harps, which is located at Minar Forest Sky Nest 3 in Leafre. From there, you are required to meet a star force requirement.

For those who don’t understand the star force requirement, it is just a number of star forces you need to have on your equips. Having a star force of 5 stars is important otherwise, your damage would be significantly less to the mobs as they have a higher HP.

In your equipment inventory, there is an option that says ‘Enhance a piece of equipment. Just simply click it and upgrade with the spell trace scrolls until no slots are available. Killing mobs in these levels will get you more EXP gain, so make the most out of it. An extra feature when you reach level 5 is the unlocking of a special dungeon named Monster Park that you can go to twice every day.

  • Map: Minar Forest Sky Nest 3
  • Mob: Star Force Blood Harps
  • Required Star Force: 5 stars
  • HP: 904,550

Level 115-125

Hidden Street Unbalanced Time map is difficult to find; hence we will let you know about its location. Just simply go to the Ludibrium Warped Path of time and head to the top. On the far right, you will find an orange portal that will take you to Hidden Street. Here you can train and fight the Dual ghost pirates.

  • Map: Hidden Street Unbalanced Time
  • Mob: Dual Ghost Pirate
  • Required Star Force: 26 stars
  • HP: 2,186,175

Level 125-135

At this level, The El Nath, aka The Cave of Trials III, is a great place to train. Just go to El Nath and talk with the instructor present at Chief’s residence to sent you to Zakum. To the left of the Zakum entrance, you will find this map where you will have to fight monsters named Bain. The spawn and EXP both are high levels, and there is also a teleport option present on the extreme right of the map

  • Map: El Nath the Cave of Trials III
  • Mob: Bain
  • Required Star Force: 55 stars
  • HP: 4,578,750

Level 135-150

Between 135-150, we recommend two training spots: the Minar Forest Black Wyvern’s Nest and The Dragon Nest Left Behind 2. Here you will face mobs like Dark Wyvern, Skelosauruses, and Skelegon that provide a good level of EXP. The HP of these mobs is increased; hence training gets intense here.

To get to Minar Forest, you will have to take a Danger Zone taxi to Dragon Nest from Leafre. Similarly, the Dragon Nest Left Behind 2 can be found by going deeper into the Minar Forest.

  • Map: Minar Forest Black Wyvern’s Nest, The Dragon Nest Left Behind 2
  • Mob: Dark Wyvern, Skelosaurus and Skelegon
  • Required Star Force: 65-70 stars
  • HP: 7,128,000

Level 150-165

If you own a Hyper Teleport Rock, you can go directly to Time Lane Detour in Oblivion 4. If you don’t have the rock, you are required to take the Pink Beans pre-quests till you can go to Oblivion 4.

  • Mob: Time Lane Detour in Oblivion 4
  • Mob: Chief Oblivion Guardian, Eye of time
  • Required Star Force: 90 stars
  • HP: 19,906,000

Level 165-185

At 165, you will have to fight Official Knight E and Official Knight D at the Knight Stronghold Armory 2, which will give you tons of HP and EXP. Once they are defeated, you should go inside the Mothership Corridor H03 to train against mobs that spawn quickly. However, the map is pretty compact.

  • Map: Knight Stronghold Armory 2, Mothership Corridor HO3
  • Mob: Gray Luxury Saucer, Official Knight E
  • Required Star Force: 140 stars
  • HP: 34,344,000

Level 185- 200

The foremost thing to do after hitting level 185 is to reach Twilight Perion: Forsaken Excavation Site 2 for the Sinister Rocky Masks. Two things that make this map one of the best to train yourself are, number of mobs and spawn time. We suggest you upgrade your equipment before reaching the place since the mobs here are likely to attack you; however, you would require powerful gear to tackle some stronger mobs.

You can get to this map by first reaching the Henesys Ruins using Temple of Time and directions from the world map. Not to forget, most EXP is provided by the Sinister Rocky Masks.

  • Map: Twilight Perion: Forsaken Excavation Site 2
  • Mob: Sinister Rocky Masks
  • Star Force Requirement: None
  • HP: 12,632,600

Level 200-210

As soon as you reach level 200, you will be given access to the Arcane River. It is the River where you will be encountering the end-game leveling. Now Arcane River System requires Arcane Force for dealing with the damage. Always choose a map if you can fulfil its Arcane Force requirement.

Your place of stay during levels 200-210 will be Vanishing Journey of the Arcane River. However, the best spot to train yourself here is the Lake of Oblivion: Weathered Land of Rage which is home to mobs: “Raging Erdas” that you will have to encounter. The Gate of the Present is the best way to reach the Arcane River.

  • Map: Lake of Oblivion: Weathered Land of Rage
  • Mob: Raging Erdas
  • Arcane Force Requirement: 30 Arcane Force
  • HP: 46,056,000

Level 210-220

The Chu Chu Island in Arcane River will be your next spot and the best map here to train yourself is the Slurpy Forest: Slurpy Forest Depths. Here the mobs that you will have to fight are Ripe Wolfruit and Angry Flyons. Both of the mobs will make an entry during level 213.

  • Map: Slurpy Forest: Slurpy Forest Depths
  • Mob: Ripe Wolfruit and Angry Flyon
  • Arcane Force Requirement: 100 Arcane Force
  • HP: 129,519,600

Level 220-225

After reaching level 220, you must train at Lachelein Night Market: Chicken Festival 2 for the next five levels. The mob here will be Galluses that, if defeated, gives a generous EXP of 322,473.

Since it is a very flat map, training here is no challenge. Make sure that you complete all the Chu Chu Island’s storyline quests in order to move to the Lachelein.

  • Map: Lachelein Night Market: Chicken Festival 2
  • Mob: Gallus
  • Arcane Force Requirement: 210 Arcane Force
  • HP: 197,219,720

Level 225-240

The Arcane maps are excellent places to train yourself; therefore, the majority of players prefer staying at Arcane till levels 240-250. Once you have reached level 225, you will unlock Arcana, another amazing area of Arcane River.

According to our recommendations, you must train yourself at the Earth Spirits in Arcana: The Forest of Earth, where you will be competing with the mob, Earth Spirit that makes an entry during level 232, so make sure you prepare your gears beforehand.

  • Map: The Forest of Earth
  • Mob: Earth Spirit
  • Arcane Force Requirement: 280 Arcane Force
  • HP: 270,291,200

Level 240-250

The best place to start your training after hitting level 240 is Esfera: Mirror-touched Sea 2. Aranyas is also a must-go area in order to train yourself. Don’t forget that this is a map loaded with mobs and built exclusively for brilliant training.

  • Map: Esfera: Mirror-touched Sea 2
  • Mob: Aranya
  • Arcane Force Requirement: 600 Arcane Force
  • HP: 431,142,000

Level 250-255

For these five levels, the top-recommended place to train yourself is at Tenebris: Labyrinth of Suffering Interior 5. This is another map with tons of mobs and hence is a great chance to earn large EXP points.

  • Map: Tenebris: Labyrinth of Suffering Interior 5
  • Mob: Dark Miscreation
  • Arcane Force Requirement: 760 Arcane Force
  • HP: 591,261,000

Level 255-275

Now that you’ve finally made it to level 255, you are eligible to go to the best training areas in the game, which are located in Limina. Out of various amazing training maps of Limina, the one map that almost every user prefers is the End of the World 1-5.

The levels between 255 to 275 will all be played in Lamina; therefore, we suggest you try out different maps for your training to get a diverse experience. The number of mobs you will fight here is extensive, and all of them give exceptional EXP.

  • Map: Limina: End of the World 1-5
  • Mob: Ascendion
  • Arcane Force Requirement: 880 Arcane Force
  • HP: 666,329,400


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