MapleStory Leveling Guide

Complete Guide Beginner to Expert (All Levels & Training Spots)

Leveling up to 200 happens quite snappy nowadays to be completely forthright, particularly in case you’re on Reboot. Most beasts – in any event, the ones outside non-KMS zones – likewise will, in general, give institutionalized measures of EXP, so it’s increasingly an issue of which maps are simplest for your character class’ assaults and aptitudes to clear.

The in-game MapleStory Leveling Guide gives you a rundown of zones by level and lets you in a split second transport to them in case you’re in level range (or on the off chance that you have cleared the conditions to get the Maple Guide Stamp). It’s respectable in case you’re searching only for preparing grounds and not journeys or different prizes.

MapleStory Leveling Guide

You ought to likewise keep anything with Potential that you find regardless of whether it doesn’t appear to be helpful (aside from weapons you can’t utilize on the off chance that you are playing on Reboot). Speculative chemistry enables you to intertwine and reroll them. Despite the fact that they should be indistinguishable rigging, you can, in any case, utilize the Transfer Hammer to put them on NPC stuff and circuit them.


Leveling Guide (1-70)

1-10 * Snails, Slimes and Orange Mushrooms in Maple Island.

10-18 * Orange Mushrooms in hhg (henesys hunting ground) and if godly accuracy Horny Mushrooms in ant tunnel or ellinia tree.

18-21 Horny Mushrooms, Blue Mushrooms in Ellinia Tree or Pigs in Pig Beach.

21-25 Horny Mushrooms and Zombie Mushrooms in Ant tunnel.

25-30 Kerning City Party Quest or keep kill Horny Mushrooms and Zombie mushrooms.

30-35 Teddys, Jr. Wraith, Fire Boars or Ligators.

35-40 Ludibrium Party Quest or Monster Carnival or keep kill teddys Jr. Wraith etc etc.

40-50 Monster Carnival is probably the best in this level else Straw Dummy Targets in Mu lung.

51-55 Do No Gong’s Teching quests and keep kill the straw dummys or go to wooden dummys

55-70 Orbis Party Quest or Ludibrium Maze Party Quest or another awsome hunting place is Forest of Dead Trees I, Forest of Dead Trees II, Forest of Dead Trees III and Forest of Dead Trees IV where Coolie Zombies is.

Leveling Guide [1010]

Note: This is just what I do. Other people may have differing training spots, but I will offer a few alternatives however feel free to look up other training guides if the spots here don’t suit you well.

1-30 Mixed Flaming Golems (Henesys)

1-30 Individual Class Story Quests

1-20 Fairies (Ellinia)

20-30 Curse Eyes (Ellinia)

30-59 Ellinel Fairy Academy Theme dungeon

30-59 Gold Beach Theme dungeon

30-59 Riena Strait Theme dungeon

30-59 Elodin Theme dungeon

40-50 Wraiths in Kerning City Subway

50-60 Boars at Perion

60-80 Copper Drakes, 1 map right of Sleepywood

60-80 Drake Cave: Sunless Area- Drakes into the sleepy wood caves. 

60-80 Drake Cave: Chilly Cave- rotate in circular fashion and use tp portal on bottom left.

70-85 Ice Fangs, Ice Valley 2 (Accessible from El Nath by taking Danger Zone taxi)

85-100 Sahel 2, Magatia (Go through maple guide or 2 maps left of Magatia)

85-100 Desert of Serenity, Magaitia (Accessible from Sahel 2)

90-100 C-1, C-3: Roids, inside Magatia Laboratory

100-108 NORMAL Zakum with the rune, 2x, MVP, any and all exp modifiers. Focus on killing arms and dodge the slams. Suggested to buy a buff freezer or 2 in case you mess up so you keep your exp buffs.

->Important note: This boosts you from 100-104 instantly if you do it right. Here are a couple notes for the fight. Pop a rune, and immediately use the boss queue feature to find a party (default bound to T). Once you get in, leave the party so you can do the bass solo. Get an offering by talking to the NPC and enter. Before entering make sure you have strong HP potions because if you don’t kill it fast enough, Zakum does a full screen explosion that deals with a lot of damage and there is a potion cooldown in the boss room so you can’t chug 100hp potions. If you need to, pick up some Ginger Ales from New Leaf City which restore 75% HP/MP per chug. Make sure you dodge the arm attacks, which are indicated by glowing circles on the ground because I’m fairly sure they OHKO you, which will result in you losing your 2x EXP rune buff. If you can, get a friend to Holy Symbol you as well.

100-110 Rashes, one map left of Leafre

100-110 Ellin Forest: Ancient Fairies

110-125 Toy Trojans/Robos/Master Robos at Apparatus Room, Ludibrium

120-145 Starforce (28*) Gatekeepers near papulatus at clockertower bottom of Ludibrium

125-140 Moon Bunnies, one map left of Korean Folk Town

125-140 One map left of moon bunnies- around the pond

130-140 Jars at Herb Town, Captains/Krus in Mu Lung pirate ship

140-150 Yellow Goblin Kings, Leftmost map of Korean Folk Town

140-170 Temple of Time Questline (required for fifth job advancement)

150-160 Mantises at Stone Colossus (Southmost map of Leafre)

150-170 Coffee Grinder, Kerning Tower Floor 2 rightmost map (This requires 80* starforce, so if you don’t have enough star enhance your Pensalir gear until you have enough)

150-170 Any other Kerning Tower map that suits your classes mobility (most have really good burning)

160-170 Inside the Stone Colossus 2,  requires prequest

160-180 Showa – secret hideout armory 

165-175 Grays at Omega Sector

165-175 Boswell Field II in omega sector

170-180 Corridor 202 at Omega Sector

170-180 Corridor HO3 (If you have enough starforce)

175-185 Savage Terminal (Grandis Map): Seedy scrapyard 2 near the bottom left.

180-190 Swollen Stumps at Desolate Hills, Twilight Perion (Access through Gate to the Future at Temple of Time)

190-200 Fox Valley: Lower fork accessible without prequest. Try Flutterbuzz and Squirrels. Find map by clicking Vulpes in Grandis section, then top right for fox valley.

190-200 Forsaken Excavation Site 2/3 Twilight Perion

200-210 Stay at FES 2/3 if you’re too weak to train at Arcane River, otherwise go to any map in Vanishing Journey where the layout suits your class and where you can at least 2 hit KO. Best map in general is Below the Cave. (Add in 10 points to Arcane Force hyper stat for +50, if you complete 1 day of all dailies including erda spectrum PQ you get 90 arcane force which is enough for 1.5x damage against all non-hidden vanishing journey maps).

200-210 Scrapyard Maps in Edelstein (not recommended due to low spawn + exp)

210-220/225 Slurpy Forest Depths or any ChuChu map that suits your character’s abilities (Torrent Zone 3 is also not a bad choice for 220-225 if you’re lacking AF to train at Lachelein)

220-230 Depending on class, try Revelation Place 2/3, Chicken Festival 2 or Clocktower

230-250 Cavern Lower Path for most classes, although some can also utilise other Arcana maps that are unique to for it’s abilities E.g (CLP1, CLP2, CUP, DCUP1-2, Labyrinthine cavern)

235-250 Some esfera maps, such as Mirror Touched Sea 2, although it’s really hard to find a kishin mule for these maps + maps are really class specific

255-275 mostly involves labyrinth and limina maps. Very class dependant.

EXP multipliers & useful tools for training [1011]

->Tot’s Know-How is a quest from levels 20-60, and every 10 levels you get a new quest from Tot’s that will teach you about certain game mechanics. What you should care about is the rewards, every 10 levels he gives you an armor/weapon box and at level 50, a teleport rock that lasts 7 days. This is very handy for training as you can just teleport around straight to your training destination instead of using maple guide->Sleepywood->Interdimensional Portal. At level 60,  he gives you a 7? Day pet which is also very helpful as you no longer need to manually loot and it saves time on the 5-hour snail you’re given at the start.

->There is a buff called MVP, that people give out occasionally, which increases xp obtained by 50%. Before using this, people will megaphone “MVP buff Ardentmill xx:30 ch5” or a message similar to this, it means at xx:30 you should go to Ardentmill (accessible through most major towns, if you don’t know how to get there go to Henesys, left side of town there is a portal to it there) and switch to the appropriate channel and get the buff. Leave a fame because it’s polite

-> On Sundays, you can run Monster Park 7 times (2x free runs, buy 5x tickets from the cash store under time savers-dungeon passes for 3.5m each) to get 7 EXP coupons with varying effects (at worst, it’s a 1.5x for 15 minutes and at best a 2x for 1 hour). If you are super lucky you might get a spirit pendant.

->If you have a Kanna friend, ask them to kishin you at whatever map you’re training. This skill greatly decreases mob respawn time and increases the max number of mobs available on a map, so it’s very useful to have. If you have a second laptop/computer and you’re fairly dedicated, it’s recommended to have an account solely for kishin to help level mules and kishin yourself

->Same as before, but with a bishop/phantom for a party buff called Holy Symbol which improves EXP gain by 50%. If you have a second laptop, kishin is recommended over Holy Symbol as most believe it gives better EXP gain than HS. Update: Bishop HS has been changed to only apply 50% of its effect if the party member is outside of roughly a half screen’s distance at 1366×768 resolution. 25% exp is still nice.

->Runes appear every 15 minutes or so on a map. Interact with them (default keybind spacebar) to enter a set of 4 arrow key commands, and after they will give you a small buff depending on the type of rune and give you a 2x EXP buff for 2 minutes. Don’t ignore them because after a set amount of time, they will start decreasing the drop and exp rate of mobs on the map so make sure you activate them. (Evan link skill increases the duration of the rune buff and is highly recommended).

-> Note that reboot has very harsh penalties for damage in relation to level, i.e you lose damage if the mob is higher level than you (5% per level difference). Your first character to level 200 will be very difficult, training mules/other characters gets much easier as you accumulate buffs such as cygnus knight’s weapon attack bonus and link skills. If you’re having trouble killing mobs, it is a good idea to drop back to mobs from the previous training spot until you’re equal or close to the level of the mobs in the new area.

-> If you have legion coins saved up, you can buy 30 minute 2x EXP legion coupons that help alot with levelling

Final: MapleStory Leveling Guide Reboot

Reboot Level Up Gift Box [1012]

MapleStory Leveling Guide

-If you plan on making a meso farmer, save the box for your meso farmer, and use all the epot/upot scrolls for making your meso gear as it’ll save you a bit of hassle tiering up and using the upot scroll can get you your first piece of meso gear relatively easily. Also you can use the cubes/meso in the box to help get your meso gear by buying cubes from the Cash Shop. If you’re serious about getting strong in maple (I’m talking like Lotus/Damien/Lucid parties) you’re gonna need to meso farm and the best way to do that right now is by making a meso farmer. (Ctrl+F [1019])

-This gives a massive advantage to new players who receive it. Each time you open the box, you will receive a 100% success rate epic potential scroll, some mesos and some cubes. It is very important that you don’t squander the potential scrolls because they can save you a lot of time grinding Yu Garden dailies. You will also receive a Unique Potential Scroll from the lv120 one. Your unique potential scroll should be used on your secondary weapon, these can be obtained from the secondary weapon vendor in Henesys for ~500k mesos. Then, your epic potential scrolls should be used on your badge (from the Ghost Ship Exorcist Questline) and your Emblem (from your class’ respective questline). Explorers need to do the Explorer’s Book questline to obtain it at level 100. Other classes such as Kaiser and Angelic Buster can buy it from vendors and some others such as Kanna just get it from a quest for free. Google it if you’re not sure. The rest of your potential scrolls can be used on any BiS (Best in-slot) gear that you have, such as superior gollux equipment if you’ve been getting Hellux carried or event rings that are often found in event shops. If you have any leftover, feel free to scroll any Pensalir gear you have to epic and your Utgard weapon if it isn’t already.

-The cubes you get should be used to reroll your emblem and secondary weapon for either %M.ATT or %ATT lines to maximise damage input. Once you get a %ATT/M.ATT potential line, stop cubing it and cube one for the other or your weapon.

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